Friday, November 6, 2009

Which team do you think will take the trophy on NBA this year between Cleveland and Lakers ?

I think Cleveland is going to take the super ball this year because they now have Shack the biggest player in  the history of NBA. Lakers rely  on Brian Kobe, i dont think his is giong to make it again this year, he is now little old than he was the day he used to play so nice With Shack at Lakers. Another thing with Kobe os that when he was playing with Shack at Lakers he was only rely with him, because since Shack left Lakers, Kobe had never managed to take the superball till last year.

Among all the continents which one of them has the greater population ?

A lot of people say that Europe has the greater population of all the continents in this world, but that can't work because nowadays population is growing each and every day in all parts of the world which makes it difficult to tell which continent has the greater population. Many people say that because they say Europe is not that big, but it has a lot people there.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees.

The best day i've ever read in the past couple months in The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kid of which she is talking about Lily, Rosaleen, May, June, Zack e.t.c. Lily is the protagonist of the novel, the girl whose mother died when she was a little kid, and she is beleaved to be one who killed her own mother with a gun by an accident. Rosaleen was the made at Lily's house when she was little living with her mother, and she once got arrested for pouring a drink on officer's feet. May was the younger sister of August, and August was the owner of the house where Lily stayed at the end of the novel when she away. June was August's younger sister too, and Zack was a worker at August's fields where they kept Bees.

Language Communication Tip.

Today's tip on Language Communication: Many people talk fast because they will be talking their native language, but then to those who may not understand the language it will be very difficult to them. So my tip is, "whenever you're talking to someone please try find out if that person understands the language you're about to speak to him/she, that will help a lot to that person and to you too because if you don't understand each other it will be a big problem."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Roots of Language and Communication.
Here is a link where you can find some more info about language and communication, it also shows how wild animals communicate, the age every human being develop to speak, when, where and why did Eve spoke to Adam, the number of languages in the world, the brain language center, how language is fact matter e.t.c


Language on internet.

There is this website it reviews all kind of people around the world and it helps find other people's cultures and how they react to others' problems. To all those who want to learn something new about other peoples' cultures just follow that link above.
On that website to you can publish some business blogs, and you can also find friends of which you will some of your information with. You can also find some intresting games to play, games like farmville, and there is a funspace too where you can publish some fun videos.

Language Communication.

=Language is the most needed thing in life.
=Communication can be done through a lot of things.
=Language is the only way to communicate with people from different countries around the world.
=You can communicate through talking, writting, singing e.t.c, all that is communication.
=Everyone's culture consists of language.